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What is L-CNG 

“L-CNG” means CNG produced at the fueling station from LNG by pumping and vapourisation.

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L-CNG dual fuel for heavy duty vehicles benefits

  • Comprises of a kit that is installed onto the truck, therefore creating a bi-fuel truck.

  • Allows the driver to safely switch between diesel & natural gas, even while driving.

  • Tax to claim back, by leaving a green footprint within the company.

  • Once the truck undergoes a L- CNG gas conversion, you will start to save costs straight away on your fuel bill, around 25%.

  • Cost recovery of the conversion over a short period.

Where is L-CNG recommended

The best and most efficient solution for:

  • Mother-daughter station system

  • Distribution of CNG when no grid is available nearby

  • Transportation as LNG takes 600 times less spance than CNG at 1 bar

Filling stations

On L-CNG filling stations, we can provide:

  • Variety of equipment options

  • Customized solutions

  • Certificates (PED, ATEX)

  • Test certificate

  • Instrumentation – Safety Systems

  • On-site installation service

LCNG filling.png
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