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GFE offers a range of instruments to private and public, small, medium and large sized projects that seek to generate positive environmental or climate-related results. By combining different financing sources available to us, we leverage and make projects feasible and bankable.

Low carbon economy

Demographic change, increasing natural resource demands, urbanization and the growing significance of environmental aspects are creating a growing need for investment in all types of infrastructure. The World Economic Forum estimates that US-Dollar 5.7 trillion worth of green infrastructure could be needed in order to realise environmental policy objectives in sectors such as agriculture, transport, power and water.

More and more companies and public bodies – such as sovereign states and supranational organizations – are actively involved in this area. We advise and support them to meet the financial requirements for their challenging projects.

Transition to low-carbon growth

Governments, companies and investors are increasingly acting on environmental issues such as climate change
by instating legislation, changing business models and policies and by revising investment processes. For instance:

  • 138 countries have renewable energy targets and 66 countries have feed-in tariffs

  • Over 40 national and 20 sub-national jurisdictions covering 20% of global emissions have either implemented or are considering mechanisms that price carbon emissions

  • The EU proposed changes to its carbon market as well as a 2030 emissions reduction target to address the oversupply in carbon allowances caused by the recession

These actions, however, are not yet sufficient to reduce the risks of climate change according to official expert bodies. The International Energy Agency concluded that no more than one third of proven fossil fuel reserves can be used if global warming is to be limited to 2˚C.

We are ready to take financial risks if there is a green upside.

GFE finances projects for

-Filling stations

Filling stations makes for an attractive business proposition. Securing funding for the purchase or improvement of a filling station isn’t always quite so simple.

We have been assisting business owners to fund commercial property acquisitions for many years and can provide favourable terms for the purchase and improvement of both freehold and leasehold petrol stations.

-Fleet conversions

GFE provides financing for economically viable fleet cars and trucks conversions with positive environmental or climate-related impact.

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