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Westport’s BRC To Supply Systems to Growing Egyptian Market

BRC, a brand of Westport Fuel Systems Inc., has been awarded a competitive tender bid by the Egyptian International Gas Technology Company (GASTEC) to supply 6,300 compressed natural gas (CNG) sequential injection fuel systems into the growing Egyptian market in 2020.

Westport says this tender is “evidence of the quality and performance of BRC’s sequential injection fuel system in a highly competitive market,” said Massimiliano Fissore, Executive Vice President Transportation at Westport Fuel Systems. “We are pleased to be GASTEC’s preferred partner to support the expansion of the CNG vehicle market in Egypt, one of the world’s most promising alternative fuel markets.

GASTEC owns the largest network of CNG stations and conversion centers in Egypt. Among the six natural gas vehicle companies in Egypt, it is consistently ranked first in terms of gas sales by volume and the number of vehicles converted annually.

GASTEC owns the largest network of CNG stations and conversion centers in Egypt which amounts to 90 stations including a large base of compressors with different capacities. Moreover, the Company owns 35 conversion centers that work at different capacities. The Company is consistently ranked first among NGV companies in Egypt in terms of the number of converted vehicles. It attained the highest market share in 2019 with 41.14% of the total number of converted vehicles. In addition, it is ranked the first for the eleventh year successively in terms of gas sales as its market share of the total gas sales amounted to 49.89%.

In August 2019, Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced an integrated action plan to expand the use of natural gas for transportation and to incentivize drivers to convert their vehicles with a goal to convert 50,000 cars annually.

Westport Fuel Systems is a leading supplier of advanced fuel delivery components and systems for clean, low-carbon fuels such as natural gas, renewable natural gas, propane, and hydrogen to the global automotive industry.

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