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Scania Argentina delivers more CNG vehicles from Green Efficiency line

NB Cargo, a comprehensive logistics operator based in Greater Buenos Aires, has acquired four Scania trucks, including three with CNG propulsion from the Green Efficiency line, which in the first trips provided a total saving of 30% compared to their diesel counterparts on the same routes. Despite achieving such a considerable reduction in costs, a fundamental reason for adding these Scania NGVs was the large reduction in polluting emissions and the low overall environmental impact, as reported from the transport company.

“For four years we have been making reports on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, we adhere to and support the United Nations Global Compact and seek a way, with current technologies, to have a positive impact on the environment. One of the best possibilities we found were these CNG trucks that comply with Euro 6 standards and greatly improve our environmental indicators,” said one of the partners and founders of NB, Juan Novara.

Ten years ago, the company certified the ISO 14001 standards on environmental management. This allowed it to further strengthen the relationship with its clients, made up of companies such as Arcor, Unilever, Kimberley-Clark, Molinos, Correo Argentino, Grupo Peñaflor, Pepsico and others. “Customers encourage us to have a lower environmental impact, and our goal is to continue betting on protecting the environment and continuous improvement with a view to the sustainability of our processes, in favor of the community,” added Sandro Cipriani, another of the partners.

The natural gas vehicles acquired consist of two G 410 6×2 CNG tractors, prepared to transport up to 55.5 tons and a G 410 4×2 CNG unit. The G 410 trucks with three axles circulate between San Luis and Buenos Aires carrying containers, in one case, and between Córdoba and Buenos Aires transporting a semi-trailer with glucose, in the other. The other Green Efficiency’s truck also travels between San Luis and Buenos Aires, but, in its case, carrying a double-decker sider prepared for diapers.

“The expectations with Scania are very high: we know the history of the brand and we expect that the natural gas units will have the same durability and the best quality, like the rest of its products,” concluded Novara.

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