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NGV market, among strategic activities of Gazprom in Russia

The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information on the ongoing import substitution of products, equipment and technologies meant for the NGV market development. It was noted that the production and sale of natural gas as a vehicle fuel is among strategic activities of Gazprom in Russia.

Gazprom is rapidly developing the CNG station network, consistently expands its own fleet of NGVs, and cooperates with Russian car manufacturers in the area of converting vehicles to natural gas and arranging the after-sale and warranty servicing of such vehicles. Moreover, it is involved in the development and updating of the regulatory framework to encourage further development of the NGV market. It also pays great attention to improving the availability of equipment for refueling infrastructure and NGVs, first and foremost, through engaging domestic industrial enterprises in its manufacturing.

In addition, the company has designed a pilot mobile facility for production and sale of LNG, which is able to operate either in a standalone mode or within a CNG station. The mobile facility is equipped with its own automated control system and a payment system for fuel loading.

To date, the Russian industry is able to manufacture the main scope of products used in the NGV industry, such as equipment for small and medium-capacity CNG stations, cryogenic stations for vehicles, various CNG units, and mobile refueling units for CNG and LNG.

Gazprom consistently interacts with domestic enterprises and organizations, in particular, by signing long-term agreements and roadmaps with those who show the highest potential in order to launch the production of high-tech import-substituting equipment and materials for Gazprom. The work is already yielding tangible results.

Jointly with the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Gazprom continues devising efficient measures of state support for such enterprises.

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