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Madrid continues removal of diesel bus fleet, ordered 520 NGVs & 50 EVs

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Madrid announced the acquisition of 520 new natural gas buses for 2021, 2022 and 2023, as well as of 50 new electric buses. With an investment of 177 million euros, these acquisitions will allow the municipal company’s most polluting fleet to be withdrawn from circulation. As announced by the City Council in December, as of January 2023 the EMT will no longer provide service with diesel buses and its entire fleet will be made up of electric, natural gas and hybrid vehicles.

The awarding of the CNG buses, which had a basic tender budget of 161.2 million euros, will ultimately involve an investment of 151.5 million euros. The procedure was divided into three lots: the first, of 250 vehicles, was awarded to Solaris Bus Ibérica (CAF Group) with the Solaris Bus Urbino CNG model; the second, of 170 buses, was for Scania Hispania and its Scania N280 CNG Castrosúa model; while the third batch, of 100 units, was awarded to Evobus Ibérica with the Mercedes Citaro CNG model.

After the award of the tender, the delivery of these 520 NGVs will take place in three years: the first 190 buses of this purchase will arrive in 2021, in 2022 another 200 will be added and in 2023 another 130 vehicles will be received. This delivery schedule will allow to remove the 383 diesel buses that the municipal company currently has.

For the choice of buses, energy and environmental aspects were taken into account, along with others such as quality and technical assistance, cost in the life cycle, in addition to the criteria established by the EMT such as adaptation to bodywork standards or the delivery time.

EMT’s bus fleet is one of the most modern in Europe, with an average age of 5.75 years and vehicles that incorporate the latest technological advances in terms of safety, comfort, environmental requirements and universal accessibility.

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