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Madrid bus operator will abandon diesel for good, it acquired 520 NGVs

The bus fleet of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT), with an average age of 5.72 years, is one of the most modern in Europe and has vehicles that feature the latest technological advances in terms of safety, comfort, environmental requirements and universal accessibility. Thanks to the environmental and mobility policy being developed by the Madrid City Council through the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy, as of January 2023, the EMT will no longer provide service with diesel buses and its entire fleet will be made up of natural gas, electric and hybrid vehicles.

This reality will be possible thanks to the purchase of 520 CNG buses that the EMT has just put out to tender, an effort that pursues the goal of removing the most polluting fleet from the transport company as soon as possible and thus improving air quality. In this way, the forecast established by the air quality plan in force in this regard is advanced three years, where a 2025 time limit was set so that all EMT buses were clean fleet or zero emissions. At present, only 390 diesel buses remain of the 2,100 vehicles the EMT has.

The acquisition of the 520 natural gas buses has a total budget of 161.2 million euros. The first 190 vehicles of this purchase will arrive in 2021, allowing 258 diesel units to be taken out of the city.

In 2022 another 200 CNG buses will be added and the remaining 133 diesel buses will be taken out of circulation; while in 2023 another 130 CNG will be received, always maintaining the fleet of 2,100 buses for service.

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