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IVECO to deliver 200 bio-CNG trucks for GEODIS’ French operations

GEODIS is investing in a green fleet for urban delivery in France, aiming to reduce pollution and noise disturbance. On June 15, Stéphane Cassagne, GEODIS Executive Vice President of Distribution & Express Line of Business, and Emilio Portillo, Managing Director of IVECO France, signed an agreement that includes an order for 200 CNG vehicles that will be fueled with biomethane. Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2021.

“This investment marks another new step for GEODIS in reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and combating climate change. In particular, by greening road transport in the last mile we will contribute to decarbonizing the sector. Urban logistics is at the heart of our actions,” said Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of GEODIS.

GEODIS’ goal is to achieve 100% carbon-free transport to the city centers of France’s 35 largest cities (with populations of more than 150,000 inhabitants) within three years. The proactive strategy initiated several years ago has reached a new level with the signing of this order with IVECO.

GEODIS chose 107 IVECO Daily and 93 Eurocargo NGVs powered by biomethane. These vehicles fall into the Crit’Air 1 category, French air quality certificate issued to show a vehicle’s compliance with European emission standards. Certified by Pieck Quiet Truck 71 dB, these trucks are able to make silent deliveries by day and night.

“The increased use of new energies is a lever for action to reduce the emissions linked to our distribution activities. This order for 200 vehicles is a major step that marks our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. It positions us as a major player in clean delivery in France, an ambition that brings yet more benefits to our customers,” commented Cassagne.

“We welcome GEODIS’ commitment and the trust placed in our brand. IVECO believed very early on in the natural gas solution, for which demand is growing steadily in France and in Europe. With this solution, which meets the triple objective of protecting our health, the climate and the quality of life in the city, our vehicles have become the benchmark for transporters who are already committed to the ecological transition,” added Portillo.

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