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Galileo Patagonia: smart LCNG fueling solution for heavy transport

Galileo Technologies continues to expand its presence in international markets with the introduction of the Galileo Patagonia™ Smart Fueling Station, targeted at logistics centers and service stations, to guarantee LCNG fast filling.

The latest version of the Galileo Patagonia™ Smart Station for LNG and CNG is an innovative solution that accelerates the expansion of ‘Alternative Fuels Corridors’ dedicated to all kinds of natural gas vehicles. Its plug-and-play configuration and reduced physical footprint enable fueling stations to be installed quickly and easily with the simple addition of a concrete pad. The Patagonia is a cost-effective and profitable solution for fleets, logistics centers, multi-fuel convenience stores and travel plazas, among other locations.

The Patagonia greatly simplifies fueling with a prepaid terminal that eliminates the need for the driver to pay cash, use a credit card or to rely on cellphones’ connectivity for payment apps. For fleet owners, the station provides online, real-time reports on fuel availability and dispensed quantities of LCNG to ensure a firm and continuous supply of fuel delivered over the road via Galileo’s Virtual Pipeline.

It can be thought of as a smart LCNG vending machine. It provides a comprehensive solution, including fueling equipment, installation, maintenance, storage systems, and LNG supply.

“The Patagonia Smart LCNG Fueling Station will significantly lower the cost of building, engineering, and permitting new CNG stations, as a pre-packaged product from our facility in Middlesex, New Jersey,” said Barry Carr, Galileo Technologies’ Northeast Regional Sales Manager. “Local and regional fleet operators will appreciate the ease of use and will lower their emissions and carbon footprint by using this domestically produced fuel.”

The compact and modular design of the Patagonia reduces the amount of space required for installation by as much as 80%. Its single skid-mounted package eliminates the need for on-site LNG pumps, vaporizers, cooling systems and compressors in separate modules. The dispensing unit and its 19,000-gallon LNG storage tank can all fit within 1500 square feet (ft2), far less space than required for comparable LCNG stations providing the same fueling performance.

Looking forward, the Patagonia is ready for the next revolution in clean fuels to help capture CO2 emissions to the atmosphere using renewable natural gas to dispense bio-CNG. Thus, its brand name is inspired by one of the most pristine environments on Earth.

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