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French logistics company invests €15 million in eco-friendly NGV fleet

A signatory of the “Objectif CO2” charter since 2010, Heppner is committed to the reduction of their environmental impact, and has reduced its carbon emissions by 12% in nine years. In order to continue moving forward and accelerating its energy transition, the group is investing 15 million euros in a cleaner fuel vehicle fleet.

The company has undertaken to convert 50% of its fleet to CNG by 2025, with half of the vehicles coming on stream by April 2021. For the next 10 years, Heppner has chosen natural gas as its main fuel source, while also continuing to implement other alternative solutions to diesel, such as biomethane, and it is keeping an eye on the opportunities that hydrogen may bring to transport in the future.

The refueling infrastructure is growing but is still insufficient for nationwide deployment of NGVs. So Heppner has decided to set up a network of private CNG stations. In March 2021, it will open its first filling station within Le Mans agency. Future stations are currently under study with the goal of providing more complete coverage. With this new territorial and environmental undertaking, the company will be in a position to optimize its service continuity by complementing the public station network to guarantee CNG supply.

Heppner is also supporting its partners and agents in their energy transition and will offer them dedicated access to its stations. The prices negotiated by Heppner will also benefit their stakeholders: contractors, haulage firms and national or regional partners.

“Today we are accelerating our energy transition by structuring the different initiatives we have been working on for the last few years and engaging our entire ecosystem with our philosophy. Our decision to invest in this approach is in response to new demands from our customers and from society in general. I am convinced that tomorrow’s most successful companies will also be the companies that perform most responsibly”, said Heppner’s CEO, Jean-Thomas Schmitt.

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