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Colombian Natural Gas Association committed to improving air quality

The Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas) signed the agreement “United for a New Air” that seeks to consolidate the joint work process for air management in Bogotá. According to the District, in recent years there were 40,943 cases of acute respiratory infections in those under 5 years of age due to air pollution and 2,320 deaths from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in those over 25 years of age due to this environmental risk factor.

“The natural gas industry reaffirms its commitment to air quality throughout the country. We seek that every day there are more taxis, trucks, tractors and buses that use clean energy such as natural gas, which reduces emissions of particulate matter that pollutes the air by almost 100%,” said Andrés Sarmiento Grisales, president (e) of the association.

Under this agreement, Naturgas undertakes to:

1. Work with the players in the natural gas industry to guarantee the supply, transportation and availability of this fuel, whose use in public transportation helps reduce by almost 100% particulate matter that is harmful to the air.

2. Share the information of the results of studies related to the implementation of alternatives that lead to the improvement of air quality.

3. Select and actively participate in the plans, programs, projects or actions of the Air Plan.

4. Promote teleworking.

5. Raise awareness on the plans, programs, projects or actions of the Air Plan aimed at reducing atmospheric pollution among the actors of the Colombian natural gas sector.

Colombia already has more than 3,000 CNG-dedicated heavy vehicles, including passenger transport, trucks, tractors and dump trucks. During 2020, more than 18,000 vehicles were converted to natural gas, a considerable figure taking into account the crisis generated by the pandemic.

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