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Colombian Caribbean companies bet on NGVs to improve local air quality

With almost 15% of the total vehicles converted at the national level, Colombia’s Caribbean region becomes an example and leader in the renewal of fleets with NGVs for passenger and cargo transport. Likewise, the region has the support of companies such as Promigas and Gases del Caribe that, through economic incentives, supply support and the provision of a quality service, allow local entrepreneurs to acquire new vehicles that run on 100% CNG.

This is how Triple A, in alliance with these two companies and in its commitment to provide improvements to Barranquilla’s air quality, acquired a fleet of 40 new state-of-the-art natural gas garbage compactor trucks. “It is a company committed to the well-being of citizens, so we do not hesitate to migrate to a more efficient fuel for our fleet, which undoubtedly represents a positive environmental impact in terms of air quality, reduction of noise pollution, savings for the use of CNG and the optimization of the cleaning operation thanks to its cutting-edge technology,” said Jairo de Castro, Manager of Triple A.

“For us, alliances like these represent great pride, as they show that as companies we are committed to the well-being of the communities where we serve, and we work together to improve the air quality of the Barranquilla residents and the noise pollution of the city, with a project that is sustainable for our clients,” commented Ramón Dávila Martínez, Manager of Gases del Caribe.

Eric Flesch, President of Promigas, added: “For 34 years, we have bet on the development of this fuel since it manages to offer a sustainable model in economic and environmental matters. We are committed to protecting the environment and we guarantee our partners economic incentive systems to facilitate the acquisition of these technologies, as well as we guarantee timely service in operation and after-sales.”

It is important to mention that the efforts made by Promigas, Triple A and Gases del Caribe to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are aligned and contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement signed by the Colombian government.

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